Save the children march: Huddersfield

Protestors on the steps of Greenhead Park.

This weekend a series of protests and marches took place around the UK and the rest of the world. The UK marches were all organized in a Facebook group that I was made aware of when a friend shared a promotional image for a local protest with various QAnon hashtags which piqued my interest in the group. On Saturday the 22nd of August I went to the march planned in my home town to ask some questions about the reason behind the march and its links to QAnon.

When I first arrived at St Georges square in Huddersfield the first thing I noticed was the police, I had seen a post in the middle of the week from the organizer saying he had been contacted by the police so knew they were aware the march was taking place. There were 2 police vans with roughly 10 officers stationed around the square, I can only guess they were planning for all 77 people that responded to the Facebook group to turn up on the day, the actual number for the day was between 20-30 of various ages, some had even brought their children along. The majority were women with 5 to 6 being men, this included the organizer of the event Mickey. They had positioned their banner and placards in front of the new fountain at the bottom of the square and the attendees were milling about chatting to each other. I noticed that out of the crowd I was the only one wearing a mask, but surprisingly this only got brought up once or twice. I approached Mickey who was easily identifiable wearing a yellow high-vis vest and asking him for an interview.

Mickey Higgins (Co-Organiser)

The first question I asked was what the march was about and what it was promoting. Mickey told me ‘We are here raising awareness for the thousands if not million children that go missing in the UK every year. We are also trying to get others to ask the question – why aren’t the media broadcasting this – and trying to show people that they are being fed lies by the media.’ When I asked him why he didn’t think the media were covering this he said that ‘Either the media are ignorant or are trying to shield people’. I then asked how he found out about the Freedom for the children UK Facebook group, he told me ‘Through social media since lockdown I’ve since little snippets of things and then Adele (Co-organiser) introduced him to the child trafficking and raised the issue with me. I wasn’t a denier of the issue but I didn’t realize it was as big and as evil and satanic as whats going on. So I did my research, came up to my own conclusion that this is the worst thing I have ever come across in my entire life. And I’d say to people that don’t know whats going on If you think of the worst thing possible and times it by a thousand you won’t get anywhere near the things that we’re seen and heard so people need to wake up and realize that the biggest issue facing this world at the minute is not COVID. It’s the elite paedophile rings that are swooping in and stealing our children from underneath our noses. And us as people are allowing this to go on.’. I asked him about the research that he had done his response was ‘You don’t need to read anything, just go onto Youtube and go to operation railroad. It’s about an hour and a half long, and it will change your life.’ Here he is referencing Operation Underground Railroad (OUR), a registered charity made up of an expert team in extraction operations and in anti-child trafficking efforts to bring an end to child slavery. This group takes donations and uses them to fund ever extravagant multimillion-dollar rescue missions. You can read more about this group here-

Lynda, 58

Lynda, 58. With her homemade ‘toned down’ sign

The next lady I interviewed was Lynda, a 58-year-old from Huddersfield. She was there with a homemade sign with various slogans on it, the last being Children’s Lives Matter. She told me from her point of view the march was ‘to hopefully raising awareness. So people will see what we’re doing and investigate and research further and discover what’s been going on in terms of child sex trafficking and paedophilia networks.’ She continued ‘You’ve seen about Epstein and Maxwell in the news, we’ve known for a long time about paedophilia infiltrated in parliament and the government and Jimmy Saville and the rest of it. It’s within every structure of the establishment, at a high level at least. And its been going on for hundreds of years’

She then reassured me that ‘she’s not saying that these policemen are involved because at a low level you don’t know but it’s throughout the establishment’. She then questioned ‘Why has the government and the BBC been promoting BLM but they aren’t promoting this are they! This is throughout the whole country this’. I then asked when she first heard about this particular march, ‘Well Facebook, I’ve known about this stuff for years and years, some people have only just found out about it this year. People like to call us conspiracy theorist, but we like to call ourselves conspiracy realist. So its all come to light since the corona thing really, so now there’s hundreds, thousands, millions all over the world that are waking up to what’s been going on. So we believe that the coronavirus and all that hoax stuff. The plandemic they call it. Is all just part of the agenda for that and it’s just to cover up this which is massive. It’s in Hollywood and you might see on here somewhere it say the word Adenchrome’. She means the Adrenochrome. She then explained to me what this was after first telling me to google it, in her own words ‘What it means, its adrenalised blood from your adrenal glands. It’s from children and they torture these children to get them terrified and then they extract this adrenalised blood. Then the chemical compounds which I don’t know the whats, not of it, it provides some kind of life-giving rejuvenating strength to it. This is what a lot of the rich and the famous and the powerful, they’re stealing kids to pump out this adrenochrome.’ A lot of what she said was untrue, adrenochrome is a chemical compound formed by the oxidation of adrenaline, there is no proof what so ever that anyone is either ‘harvesting children to collect this’ or that it has any rejuvenation effects. This idea probably comes from Hunter S Thompsons 1971 book “There’s only one source for this stuff… the adrenaline glands from a living human body. It’s no good if you get it out of a corpse.”. She then told me ‘that’s pizzagate which is about these emails with Hillary Clinton and Obama which were about paedophile party’s where they were rounding up kids. They’d have codewords, cheese meant under 2s. And all that’s real’ I asked if that was linked to everything on her sign and the Freedom for the children march, she said ‘yes, I’ve actually toned this down, I’ve put a lot more on my last 2 signs but we’re focusing on the child sex trafficking but the government aren’t backing it because the government is involved basically.’

Kelly, 32

The next person I spoke to was Kelly, 32. She was attending the march with her cousin, and what I guessed was her cousin’s child, this was her first protest. When I asked her what she thought the march was about she told me ‘Its bringing awareness to stop exploiting our children. Obviously, there’s quite a lot going on in the media at the moment, here and all over the world. They’re trying to bring the sexual consent age down, too allow justifying paedophilia and I’m totally against that.’. I then asked how she heard about the march in Huddersfield ‘On Facebook, I’ve joined groups on Facebook and this came up. This is a group that’s close to my heart. Obviously, it’s not about just sexual they are torturing them, they’re harvesting their organs and doing other things to the children’, when I probed further about if she had found the group on Facebook by searching through it she told me ‘I’m already part of a few groups on Facebook that are linked to conspiracy stories and this has come upon one of the groups’. When I asked what she thought about them being called conspiracy theories she said ‘I believe them, people call them conspiracy theories but when you research and you watch videos, and you look into things yourself. Things are more than just a coincidence. But its easier to call them conspiracy theories because that’s what people understand’. I then asked if there were any other particular groups linked to this that she was part of ‘There is, pizzagate, that’s a massive thing at the moment. There is also the conspiracy theory that Donald Trump is helping to shut down Hillary Clinton and all of the Rockefellers and Rothschilds. I got into it from looking through that, and then through joining them groups I came across this one’. I asked her if she knew that this was linked to the group QAnon she told me ‘My cousin’s brother is quite a conspiracy theorist, he looked into it and I’ve sat and had numerous discussions with him. I then went away and researched it myself and watched fall of the cabal on Youtube, and watched linked videos like into the rabbit hole. All of them they say don’t believe me, go look it up yourself and there’s no way it can be a conspiracy’. When asked about how long it took her to “fall down the rabbit hole” she told me ‘It was after about a year or two of my cousin telling me about it that I finally woke up’

Elaine, 60 and Jenny, 45

The final two people I interviewed down at the square were Elaine, 60 and Jenny, 45. I’d noticed Elaine was wearing a green t-shirt emblazoned with a big Q on it which couldn’t have been a coincidence. I again asked what the march was about in their words, Elaine answered first ‘Its to do with saving the children and stopping paedophiles from taking out kids. It’s a lot to do with President Trump who started this over in America when he came into power. Trump is doing what he said he was going to do and that saves our children.’ I posed the same question to Jenny, she told me ‘I believe this is not just to save the children, its to open peoples eyes, to make them aware and see what’s happening. My eyes were opened in April this year. Once you dive into a lot of information that are facts! Not fictional, you find that a lot is going on, right under your face. And the more people that are awake the more we’ll be able to sort the paedophiles and the human trafficking’. I asked how long they’d both been involved in this and how they’d both heard about the march. Jenny told me ‘It was on Facebook, I’m into quite a few groups that to do with a lot of things that are going on in the world and someone commented telling me to join this group’. Elaine answered ‘5 or 6 years ago for me, just before Trump came into power’. It had already been established that Elaine was a QAnon follower so I asked Jenny if she also believed in QAnon, ‘Yes, it’s a movement that is linked with this, its making people aware of whats going on. It’s not a movement like say, for instance, ANTIFA or BLM. We’re not here to protest, we’re here to make a difference, and make a difference in the minds of everybody rather than burn buildings down or hurt people’ When I question Elaine on how she initially discovered QAnon she told me’ My husband, he turned the BBC off and all the mainstream news and started researching on the internet. He found QAnon and all the followers and he showed me, so I did the same and since then have started telling everyone to wake up and that they’re all sheeple’. When I asked about how long it took Jenny to fall down the rabbit hole, Elaine gave me an explanation of where this phrase comes from. ‘The rabbit is the sign of Adrenochrome, you need to research it yourself. Its to do with the pineal gland from children. They scare them to death, and then they harvest that and drink it. And that’s why all Hollywoods into it and that’s why they’re staying so young’. She then recommends I go to Charlie Wards site. Charlie Ward is a major QAnon pusher from the UK. His Youtube channel seems to have taken off 3/4 months ago in the middle of the pandemic, his most popular video being one where he discusses the Q movement. When Jenny finally got around the answering how quickly she because red-pilled she said ‘It took me about a week to look read watch and believe. I first found out about adrenochrome, I’m not fully up to date with Q but then I found this group’. Elaine then explained the process of QAnon too me, I want to stress, I didn’t ask her to explain this to me, she said ‘Q posts on the internet, the Anons decypher it. Nothings put out there that’s easy to understand, its all encrypted. The QAnon group decypher it and tell you exactly what it is that Q said.’ She then showed me her t-shirt saying ‘Then you’ll know what Q is’. the big white Q on the t-shirt was made up of various QAnon phrases such as ‘read the drops’ and ‘Where we go one we go all’ which Elain said was trumps saying. It also had actual trump sayings like ‘Fake news’ on it. When I asked about the links between QAnon and save the children Elaine said ‘Its people that have got involved with the Q movement that’s now setting up their own groups, when you go on these websites you’ll see videos that are all about this’


While I was getting these interviews 2 speeches took place on a megaphone by the fountain. The first was from Mickey, the organiser. He read his speech in the rain from a piece of paper, he said ‘We are coming together today for the children, who have suffered and are suffering now. As I speak now children are being trafficked. This evil spreads to every corner and every major city in our home. Yesterday a grand total of 2 people died of COVID in the UK, I’m going to stick my neck on the line and say I guarantee now that 10 times that amount we’re trafficked with complete silence from the mainstream media. Why? Because it’s not what they are told to write about or is it because of the elite that they are protecting.’ The small crowd agreed. ‘Trafficking is a lucrative industry with about 150 billion dollars a year changing hands. Also all the poppy fields and all the oil that is exchanged through governments, this goes to the very top. Children are often trafficking by someone they know, such as a family member, and family friends or an organisation that we place our trust in such as the church. 80% of children trafficked come from government-run facilities. These children are mentally tortured, physically tortured, raped. Satanic rituals performed on them, forced into child pornography, their organs removed and sold. Our children are being brutally murdered and not one media outlet is covering it’

The second speech was from a lady called Carol Higgins, she told the protestors about her story and her 35-year fight for justice against her farther. Those interested can read her story here – Shen then promoted her book – Conquering the impossible. The crowd then proceeded to shout a few chants like ‘children are not for sale’ and ‘Hey, pedo, leave our kids alone’. These chants didn’t really take off and from what I could see not many passers-by we’re really engaging with the march. A mixture of this and the worsening weather led to march to make the decision to walk up to greenhead park early. In a video made by one of the protesters Mickey can be heard discussing QAnon with Lynda

‘Mediation’ in the park

At the park, the protest, now diminishing in numbers, shouted a few more chants on the steps of the war memorial. They then had their final speaker of the day. A man named, I didn’t catch his name, told his story about being given an encrypted hard drive. He claimed once he had unencrypted this hard drive and gave the evidence to the police, they deleted everything. He then said when he spoke out about this, he was arrested, told he was being delusional and thrown in a mental hospital and denied the right to a fair trial. He ended his speech saying the police are still trying to get him because when he reports people acting suspiciously the police tell him he is acting maliciously. But assured everyone that there is no way he won’t be silenced.

Mickey then asked the protesters to bow their heads in a 5 minute reflection period, which was interrupted by a local youth asking for a cigarette, and then Mickey finished with some closing words. He told the group’ to trust the plan’ and that ‘more people die on the toilet than from coronavirus’. He asked people to ‘try to look socially distanced for some photos’ and ended the speech with ‘Where we go one, we go all’. This final comment got the attention of Elaine who went over the speak to Mickey, while I was waiting to get some final words from him I could hear them talking about QAnon and Charlie Ward.

I did get some closing comments from the organiser, I asked him how he felt the march had gone, ‘I think it’s gone just as I expected. Likeminded people all fighting for the same cause and a nice peaceful protest. I’m a bit disheartened by the numbers but hopefully, today will have got out voices heard around Huddersfield’. He then told me ‘I found the amount of police down at the square rather bizarre, this is a march for children, we are not a radical movement’. I finally asked him about the there we go one we go all comment and trust the plan parts of his closing speech, Mickey said ‘Trust the plan is about paedos, we’re coming for you, we know who you are. Its well broadcast in the media about WikiLeaks and things like that. It’s just about changing laws and that is coming, there’s a massive movement happening and we’re part of that movement and whoever is fighting for children’s rights, we’re with you’. I then asked if the other WWG1WGA was linked to QAnon, he told me ‘It is linked to QAnon but I don’t really associate it with QAnon, I think its a really good moto for bringing people together. We’ve got one cause, so let’s all come together because power is in the people’

My thoughts on the day

I’m not sure what to think about the day, I expected there to be more people there.  Almost 100 people responded to the Facebook event, and with a local lockdown in place, I thought people would use it as an excuse to get out and protest this as well. That being said, the bad weather could have dissuaded a lot from attending. From the people I spoke to, and from what I saw on the day in my mind it’s clear this group and its cause is intertwined with QAnon. Various people directly linked the march with QAnon and there were multiple QAnon theories and hashtags on display. But it comes on 2 levels. On one hand, you have people such as Elaine and Lynda, who are completely down the rabbit hole. These 2 had clearly been following the Q movement and its theories for some time and we’re evidently using the save the children march to push these beliefs. I later found that on Charlie Ward’s youtube channel he had interviews with the organiser of the Freedom for the children Facebook group founder – Laura Ward – and had promoted these marches and I do wonder if there’s a large group of people that found out about the events that way. One of the problems this brings is that it uses facts about a genuine problem in human trafficking and mixes them with baseless nonsense promoted by QAnon. But bands them all together under one cause. This was evident in Mickey’s speech. Yes children are being trafficked, and yes the $150 billion is the estimated value of human trafficking, but I couldn’t find any evidence of 80% of child trafficking coming from government-run businesses or that these children are used to extract Adrenochrome. In my eyes, this muddies the water and discredits the group.

But on the other hand, you have people like Kelly, she clearly knows of and even follows the QAnon movement, but I suspect she doesn’t know about its Far-right and extremist views, be this ignorance or not being told about it. I think a lot of the people in the marches probably fall under this category. People that are just looking for an answer in life, and have been fed this information and pseudoscience, and have just chosen to believe it as it offers a better more exciting alternative to the truth. The Q movement champions its followers as ‘digital soldiers’ and I think this draws a lot of people in, living out a fantasy of being a warrior fighting for a cause. I also think that we live in a society where it is frowned upon to change your view on something once you have researched it further, and for this reason, a vast majority of Q followers don’t want to admit that they may have been duped by online grifters. Instead, they choose to fight voraciously even when presented with facts and evidence that debunk their claims, often just dismissing it as ‘Fake news’. I found interviewing Kelly hard on the day, and Travis View of the QAnon Anonymous podcast gave an explanation on their latest episode when talking about someone he interviewed which sums up why ‘She’s someone who really complicates QAnon. Here’s someone who’s not stupid, she’s not evil, she’s not violent. I wouldn’t even call her a right-wing extremist. She was a lovely woman. But it illustrates that QAnon doesn’t just draw in lunatics, it also draws in people that are just curious and distrustful of institutional knowledge. But I think this is something that doesn’t make QAnon less dangerous, it actually makes QAnon more dangerous because it invites these people in that provide cover for the more dangerous extremist’. I think this applies to Kelly.

Since attending the march the Freedom for the Children Facebook group has grown in numbers, having just shy of 10k members now. The content has turned slowly more QAnon orientated and one post asked directly how many people believed in QAnon. Out of the 200+ comments on this post when I read it, only 5 said they didn’t believe in Q, 2 of these claiming it was a Psyops to discredit the Save our children groups. The other 3 saying they hadn’t researched it. Also during the week an interview with the organiser of the york march directly link QAnon to Freedom of the children.

To me, all of this shows who or what is behind the Freedom for the children Facebook group and I’d say the vast majority of the group follow the QAnon movement. I don’t think this sets a good precedent for the group and its marches. And would, as always, ask people to further research this kind of content before sharing it. But it’s not for me to tell you what to and what not to believe, as QAnon followers always say – ‘Do your own research’, but unlike QAnon followers, I won’t tell you where to do this research.


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